A Week in Cornwall: What I Got Up to

Hello. Hi. Bonjour. How’s it going?

I was supposed to write a blog post about my recent holiday to Cornwall on the weekend I got back, but instead I’ve been sleeping, stuffing my face and frantically trying to clean my state of a bedroom.

So apologies for being a bit of a sausage and for writing this almost a week after I got back.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some of my recent pics looking a little prettier than usual. That’s because this month, I spent a week away (with the family and boyfriend) camping in beautiful Cornwall.

Some may argue that we didn’t do “proper camping” as we had a pitch with electrical hook-up, showers on site and a tent that is probably bigger than my bedroom, but I’m not all about that ‘quick wash with a baby-wipe’ life.

So what did this gal get up to?


We woke up at 5am (I know) got ready and packed up the van with some last minute bits and bobs before we hit the road at about 6.30am.

Typically for a 4+ car journey, we cycled through a range of activities from listening the to radio, playing cards and trying not to doze off in our seats with our mouths wide open.

We stopped off about a couple of hours in at the Motoway Service Station in Exeter.

Hungry for some breakfast, we opted for a classic Costa and pastry/cake combo because holy moly was it heaving in there and everywhere else had a line as long as the queue for the toilets at Glastonbury. A word of caution; always expect to get lost amongst a sea of hungry holiday-makers on a Saturday morning at a service station.

During the holiday we stayed at Cardinney Caravan & Camping Park. The location is beautiful. Surrounded by fields, flowers and wildlife, it’s a stunning location to spend the week AND you have plenty of space to yourself which is always a bonus. The facilities are alright. As I said, you do have facilities on-site to shower and such, but I wouldn’t rate them as being luxurious.

I’d like to say that putting up our tent was a breeze BUT of course it started chucking it down AND TO TOP IT OFF, my dad forgot the tent pegs lol.

We ended our long and tiring day with a walk around the high street, a last minute-pasty for dinner and an evening of unwrapping presents as it was my mother’s birthday.


After checking the local weather forecast and realising that we were in store for some sweet, sweet sunshine, it made sense to do something that would benefit from the lovely weather.

Land’s End have some great little shops that sell all the touristy things like key-rings, magnets and postcards, but they also sell a lot of local bits which I love. Think Cornish fudge, clotted cream shortbread and locally made Scrumpy. RIP diet.

On a lovely sunny day, it’s lovely to take a stroll and take in the coastal views. AND you can brag that you stood at the very end of the UK. Pretty cool right?

There’s also some great little attractions for kids too (and of course those of us that are kids at heart) to enjoy. My fave is the little farm where you can hand-feed animals such as goats and ducks, as well as the chickens which run around loose, free to pester you with their cuteness. Oh and I definitely nearly tried to smuggle out a Silkie Chicken.

If you don’t know what they look like then I seriously recommend Googling it, won’t regret it.


Clearly still buzzing from encountering some Silkie Chickens, another place we headed off to was the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Based in Gweek (which I may have repeated 28492 times during the car journey as it’s fun to say) the Cornish Seal Sanctuary is home to Seals, Sea lions, Penguins and Otters.

The sanctuary does incredible work rescuing and rehabilitating these animals, who have often been found lost or injured out at sea. The sanctuary takes them in, helps them to recover and usually releases them back into the wild.

On some occasions, the animals can’t ever be released. They either need care for the remainder of their lives or they have a medical condition which means that they wouldn’t survive in the wild by themselves, so the Sanctuary offers them a permanent home.

What I loved about this place is that it wasn’t just a place to ‘point and stare’ at the animals, it educated you as well. It told you which animals were more endangered than others. It educated you on the affect plastic waste and environmental issues have on the animals well-being and future survival. They provided advice on what you can do to help prevent any further harm to the environment, and so much more.

If you’re looking for an inspiring day out and the chance to snap a few pics of some VERY adorable seals, then give this one a look.



Probably one of the most recognisable landmarks in West Cornwall, St.Michael’s Mount is Marazion’s poster boy for tourist attractions.

Situated on it’s own island, the castle has been a part of many events throughout history, from the Medieval times to WWII. You can go for a tour of the castle, explore the grounds or grab a coffee and a pasty and soak up the stunning views.

To get to the Mount, you can either pay a small fee and take a boat trip there and back, or if the tide’s out, you can bravely walk across ‘The Giant’s Causeway’. This is a long, cobbled path that goes through the sea, leading you from the beaches of Marazion to the harbour on the island. Just make sure that if you want to walk back, the tide is still out as you might have to roll up your jeans!


A working mine up until the 90’s, Geevor Tin Mine is a great little cultural nugget to explore.

What’s cool about this attraction, is that not much has changed, so it feels like you’re stepping back in time. You can walk through the old locker rooms, shower rooms, warehouses etc which felt like everyone who worked there had just dropped everything and left. Cool or creepy? You decide.

This place is a great educational site for kids and adults alike. You can learn more about what rocks and materials can be found underground, learn more about what life was like for 19th century miners and you can even GO UNDERGROUND in an actual 19th century mine.

If history is your jam then you need to check this place out.


In all honesty, I loved exploring all the different parts of Cornwall and enjoyed all of the days out we did. However, if you’re not that into walking (and by walking I mean hiking up the side of a bloomin’ great big coastal cliff) then I would avoid some of the more outdoorsy stuff.

Saying that though, I think that one of Cornwall’s biggest selling points is that fact that the views are OUTSTANDING. Like you feel as if you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean or something, so 10/10 would recommend sacrificing your feet to see the landscape in all it’s glory.

Please don’t leave without trying a proper Cornish pasty. They will be the best you’ve ever had. I’m not even joking.

Be prepared to hear the sound of seagulls pretty much 24/7. It’s basically Cornwall’s soundtrack but you’ll actually miss it when you’re gone. Oh and the seagulls there aren’t afraid of anything. They’re hard and they know it.


There were SO MANY OTHER places that we visited that I didn’t include in this post. Cool shops, awesome food and more great coastal walks.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to hear more about something and I’ll try and help you out. If you’d like to see what I’ve been blabbering on about with your own eyes, then I’ve put together a very short video to sum up my time there. Give it a watch here if you’d like.

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