4 Apps You Need to Edit Your Instagram Photos


Oh Instagram, you cheeky little app.

I think we all have a little bit of a love/hate relationship going on with the ol’ gram.

Like every social network Instagram does have its drawbacks, but if you don’t take it too seriously, then it’s a great platform for showing off your creativity and an awesome place to showcase your content.

I try and keep my grid quite bright and clean, so I’ll take the photos that I want to use during the day when lighting is at its best and avoid taking snaps in the evening.

Where I can, I always try to upload photos in real-time so that my feed feels more personal and relatable to my followers. HOWEVER, on days where I literally haven’t done anything mental or exciting, I will upload a picture of something in the house or an outfit/selfie that I thought looked particularly rockin’, with a real-time caption.

Any-hoo, if you’re looking to kick your Instagram feed into gear and want to download some swanky new apps to help you out, then I’ve got you covered.

Here are four apps that I currently use to edit my Instagram photos.



Price: Free

Aviary is an app that I’ve had lurking in my photo editing folder for a while now. It’s got a range of useful tools, but what I mainly use it for is adjusting the brightness of my photos.

Once I have a fresh photo that I want to gram in my camera roll, I’ll head straight to Aviary.

Once in, I then head to the ‘adjust’ tab and click on the ‘brightness’ option. I then have a play around with this, with the aim of making my photo look fresh and clean.

Whilst still in the ‘adjust’ section, I’ll usually have a fiddle with the other options too. Often, I’ll increase the contract a bit, decrease the warmth to make the photo look less ‘orange’ and then bump up the saturation a smidge.



 Price: £3.99

Next up is Facetune.

Facetune is a fairly new app in my photo editing arsenal.

For so long I was reluctant to spend any money on editing apps, but I heard such good things about Facetune that I wanted to give it a try.

Facetune doesn’t have as many tools as Aviary, in terms of being able to adjust saturation or brightness, but it does have some pretty snazzy features that I haven’t seen to be as good on any other apps.

Once I open the photo I want in Facetune, I almost always head for the ‘details’ tool.

This tool is AMAZING if you want to enhance the little details in your image and make them pop. For example, I usually use this on objects in flat lays or if it’s a selfie, I use it over my eyes, jewellery and any other little details I want to sharpen.

Next (depending on the image) I’ll then head over to the ‘whiten’ tool. Unsurprisingly, this tool will whiten anything in the image that you swipe your finger over. This is great for flat lays that use a white background, to make sure that the background is a pure white.

I think it’s meant to be used to whiten your teeth in selfies but whatevs.



Price: FREE

Once again, Snapseed is another new addition to my photo editing clan. Although it isn’t an app I use for every photo, it is one I wouldn’t be without!

This app is fantastic if you’ve taken a photo, adjusted the brightness, but there are still awkward dark patches in the photo that just don’t do your lovely image justice.

The main tool that I use in Snapseed is the ‘selective’ tool.

This tool lets you click on a particular area in your photo and only adjust the brightness in that area. MAGIC.

Honestly, it’s so good. You can select multiple areas and adjust the brightness individually on each one.

Like other apps, there are other tools that help with saturation and such, but the ‘selective’ tool is a stand-out feature for me.



Price: FREE (But you can buy additional filters)

Ah VSCOcam.

How could I NOT mention this hunk?

Pretty much every article/post that mentions photo editing apps usually mentions VSCOcam; and for good reason.

This app is usually the last pit-stop for my photos before they climb aboard the Instagram express.

VSCOcam isn’t just a great photo editing tool, it’s also a great tool for organising your Instagram feed.

When you upload each photo, it places them in a grid that replicates the look of Instagram, meaning that you can see what your photos will look like on your feed before you upload them. So this is great for making sure you don’t post five selfies in a row or something equally as disastrous.

Once in the editing suite of VSCOcam, you can do all the usual stuff like adjust the exposure, brightness, saturation etc.

But what makes VSCOcam stand out from a lot of other apps, is that there are like a billion filters to choose from.

You get given a pretty jazzy range of freebies when you download the app (which I use a lot still) and there are a truckload of paid ones that you can get too.

If you’re wondering what filters I commonly use, then it would have to be A5, F2, HB1, HB2 and N1.



Obviously, there are loads more apps out there that you can use. I’ve tried out a fair few others in my time but these are definitely my faves.

Remember though that I don’t think Instagram shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The main thing is to just have fun with your feed and not to stress too much about it.


Do you use any of these apps when editing your Instagram photos or have any others that you love?


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