12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up Wearing Glasses


Growing up is a funny thing.

One minute you’re wearing your sassiest combat trousers, light-up trainers and PowerPuff Girls t-shirt; then the next, you’re worrying about growing out your side fringe and deciding which carrier bag you’ll use to put your PE kit in (mine was a new look bag btw).

We all have our own experiences growing up, but more often than not many of us will experience the same things that we can all relate to.

These can range from being told you have to wear braces to stressing out about what your prom dress is going to look like.

However, one of the very first for me was finding out that I had to wear glasses.

If you wore glasses growing up like me, or just want fancy a lil’ light-hearted read, take a look at 12 things you’ll probably be able to relate to. Enjoy.


1 – Having to deal with pretty much every bloomin’ person at school asking “can I try them on?”, as if they were some novelty toy from a happy meal.

2 – Then if you DID let that-random-girl from your Maths class try on your specs, you would get the usual interrogation that consisted of getting four fingers shoved in your face whilst being asked “how many fingers am I holding up? Can you see me?”

3 – Trying to come up with a different response every time someone felt the need to alert you that “YOU LOOK WELL DIFFERENT WITHOUT GLASSES”.

4 – Resisting the temptation to conjure up a sassy remark when someone says “omg how can you see through these??? They’re so strong!!!”

5 – Being mortified at the thought of your glasses getting smashed in your face during PE. Dodgeball? Tennis? No thanks.

6 – Absolutely buzzing when the optician told you that it was time to pick some new frames. Bright purple AND Bratz themed? Where do I sign?

7 – Feeling totally awks when you struggled to read past the second line at the opticians.

8 – The dread you felt in the pit of your stomach if you forget to bring your specs to school, praying that the teacher wouldn’t ask you to read something off the board.

9 – Going for an eye test and not being able to tell the difference between lens 1 or lens 2. THEY BOTH LOOK THE SAME OK?

10 – Not being able to even consider buying sunglasses.

11 – Constantly telling all your mates how you wish your glasses had windscreen wipers when walking through the rain. A+ for creativity.

12 – Secretly fist-pumping when you got a swanky new case for free with your new pair of glasses. Hashtag winning.

13 – Getting called “four-eyes” by some wind-up kid who thought they were the class comedian. 100 points for originality mate.

14 – Running around the house like an absolute maniac as you tried to find where you misplaced your glasses. Usually, they were then left somewhere obvious like on your bed.

15 – Going from buying the whole professional cleaning kit when you first got your glasses, to then just occasionally wiping them on your grubby t-shirt every once in a while.


Did you grow up wearing glasses? Furthermore, do you have any other ‘memories’ to share?



  • Burgh Blogger

    Confession time. I lied at the opticians about being able to read a certain line so that I would get glasses. I guess primary school aged me thought they were cool. Turns out I’m short sighted anyway but the guilt from that lie has been eating me up for years!

  • Chloe Abigail

    Do you know what? I was the same in primary school, I was proper pumped to get some glasses. I think I thought they would make me look smart and grown-up or something! I remember sitting in the car on the way to the opticians and was really milking it – I kept saying that trees looked like houses and stupid stuff like that when in reality my eyes were only a bit blurry!

  • Beth

    This speaks to my soul – if I had a pound for every time people tried my glasses on and held their fingers up in front of my face, I’d be very rich by now! These days I can’t read anything on the board at the opticians without some kind of lense haha xx

  • Holly

    my left eye is extremely bad and when I went to get my eyes tested as a teen (the first time since I was a young child) the optician covered my right eye and said he was going to project letters onto the screen in front of me. A few seconds passed and he went ‘can you read the letter?’ And I replied ‘you haven’t put one up yet’ … apparently he had in fact put a huge letter on the screen but my eyes were just THAT bad. Needless to say I had to wear glasses all the time after that but I also had braces so had to endure people calling me Ugly Betty until I got rid of the braces 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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