Brand Spotlight: It’s Time to Get Ethletic

I can’t deny that I love a good pair of shoes.

But my dream shoe collection consists of a dreamy line-up of comfortable yet stylish, everyday shoes.

That’s right, get me in a pair of ankle boots or a pair of trainers that go with EVERYTHING and I’m sold.

However, since gaining an understanding and slowly learning about the fast fashion industry, it takes a lot more than a pretty-looking shoe to make me get all doe-eyed.

I used to traipse around to all the ‘bargain’ shoe shops, on the hunt for the cheapest shoes I could find. That’s nice and all, but in reality how long is a £5 pair of shoes going to last? I’ll give you a clue; not long at all.

OK, so what? Just buy another pair…right?

Well yeah, it’s pretty easy to just throw away your kicks because they’re cheap and then buy a new pair to replace them; but did you know that nearly three-fifths of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made? As consumers, it’s estimated that as a whole we treat the lowest-priced clothes as nearly disposable and throw them away after just seven or eight wears. (read more stats here)

Now that’s shocking.

In this day and age, we have SO many items of shoes, clothing, and accessories to choose from (and at ridiculously low prices) that we don’t need to invest in what we buy anymore. We don’t need to think about the quality of what we’re buying or invest in it emotionally anymore because if it breaks or if we get bored of it, we can just throw it away and buy something new.

But this type of behaviour just isn’t sustainable.

It might not affect us now, but what will happen if we keep throwing away clothes? Not only will the demand for low-wage workers increase, but the environmental impact will be substantial. Greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions will increase, as well as water consumption and land use.

Heavy stuff am-I-right?

Now I don’t like to be a negative nelly. So what good can come out of this?

The fact is, there are brands out there that know all of this and want to make a difference. One of these brands is Ethletic.

In this blog post, I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase companies that I feel like are seriously killing it in the world of sustainability. So lemme’ tell you what is so fantastic about Ethletic…

I first came across Ethletic on the ol’ Instagram a while back.

Firstly, what struck me about their shoes is that they look so much like Converse’s. I never was a Converse gal back in school and really wanted to be (sob story of the year), so I figured I would check them out.

After reading a little bit about their sustainability, I just

All of their trainers are made out of Organic Cotton, which removes the use of chemical fertiliser, genetic engineering, and pesticides during the growing process.

The thick, chunky soles are made from natural rubber. If you’re scratching your head thinking “what the heck is natural rubber” then I hear ya’.

Basically, there are a load of plants which exclude juices similar to rubber. These ‘juices’ are then extracted, which is then turned into rubber and glue to make the soles of the shoes by wizards or something.

In all seriousness though, this is a much more sustainable source than man-made rubber.

As well as being made out of some seriously awesome materials, Ethletic trainers are also fair. The people that make them get decent pay and good working conditions.

In a lot of factories that make clothes and shoes for the fast fashion brands, workers are often treated poorly. They have terrible working conditions and aren’t paid enough to live decently off.

AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, they’re also 100% Vegan. No animal products are used and no animals are harmed during the process.

If that isn’t enough to whip out your bank card, I don’t know what is tbh.

As well as everything listed above, what I love about Ethletic’s trainers is that they just look cool. There is often a misconception about Vegan and ethical apparel, in that many people just assume that they’re going to be ugly and un-stylish.

Ethletic change that. They capture the skater-style; classic white cap look that a lot of people love. BUT they don’t compromise being fair and sustainable to achieve it.

I’ve received so many compliments wearing these and they are an absolute wardrobe staple.

If you’re considering making better decisions about what you buy, then I would seriously check out Ethletic. For pretty much the same price as a pair of Converse, you could get something equally as stylish. BUT something that’s ethical, sustainable and Vegan.

Check out their website here if you want to have a mooch around and learn more about this fab company.



  • Chloe-Rose

    I loved this post! I am deffo going to be checking out this brand. I love the fact that they look so similar to converse. I love your blog and its vibes. Cant wait to read more from you xoxo

  • Chloe Abigail

    Thanks lovely! I know – that’s what draw me in about them, the fact that they looked really cool.

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