My Current Daily Beauty Routine

Hello. Hi. Bonjour. It’s me.

Another week, another post.

For this post, I wanted to write a little summin’ summin’ about my new face routine that I’m currently testing out.

If you don’t already know, my face is a little bit stubborn. One minute it’s as dry as a week old sponge cake, then all of a sudden my makeup is sliding off as if I’ve got enough oil on my face to cook a Wetherspoon’s fry up.

And don’t even get me started on spots. I’ve been struggling for a good old while now to get rid of those horrid under-the-skin spots that NEVER SEEM TO GO AWAY no matter what I try. Top that off with skin that seems to keep the redness from every single spot I’ve ever had and that’s my current situation summed up nicely.

So, I’ve decided to switch it up a gear with a new (and hopefully improved) face cleansing routine.

If you haven’t already spotted, my new routine is all LUSH products.

No, YOU’RE addicted.

Anyway without further ado, here are the products I’m currently using. Enjoy.


Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub (Self-Preserving)

First up in my routine is this little hunk.

I can’t say that I’m one of those people that wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized for the day. I usually feel rough as hell, dragging my half asleep body to the shower.

So, I decided that I needed an invigorating scrub to help bring me to my senses, whilst also getting rid of all that sexy dead skin on my face.

As I do have dry skin, I’ve not been using it every day instead, I’ve been applying it every other day to help my skin out a little bit.

I bought the self-preserving version (you can buy one that isn’t self-preserving). Not gonna lie I wasn’t really sure what the difference was at the time, but from reading the LUSH website, this one has some natural self-preservatives in it to help it last longer. (Buy it here)


Vanishing Cream

This moisturizer is one of my absolute, all-time favourites.

I’ve been applying this after hopping out of the shower in the morning, to try and help retain some of the moisture in my skin and because It’s a good base for applying make-up.

I’ve also been applying it in the evening before I go to bed too, so it can work its wonders during the night.

There are a few reasons why I am head over heels in love with this moisturizer.

Firstly, it feels really light on your skin. One of the reasons why it’s called Vanishing Cream is that it feels like it disappears into your skin almost instantly, so you aren’t left with that icky, oily feeling that some moisturizers have.

Secondly, it smells SO good. Like so good. It smells like you’re rubbing fresh lavender all over your face. Who doesn’t want to smell like that? (Buy it here)



Don’t be fooled by the name of this one as it is definitely not bland.

This is a little gem that I’ve been using as part of my evening routine to clean my face and remove my makeup.

After switching out a lot of my old beauty brands, I was left puzzled as to what to use to remove my makeup, as a lot of cleansers can’t be used around your delicate eye area.

This is where Ultrabland steps in. Not only does it clean your face, but you can also use it around your eye area AND it removes waterproof eye makeup. Cleanser goals right there.

When I’m ready to take my makeup off, I just smother a generous amount over my face and wipe it off with a warm cotton pad. Easy peasy. (Buy it here)


Tea Tree Toner Water

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, then you may recall this little number being mentioned in my post ‘Lush Products You NEED In Your Life Right Now’. If you didn’t then you can read it here.

This has been a main-stay in my face routine for a while now and for good reason.

I use this as part of my evening routine after using Ultrabland, as a little extra step in the cleansing process.

I just spritz a few sprays of this all over my face and wipe it off with a cotton pad.

What’s great about doing this extra step, is that it helps to clean any bits of grime and dirt that you might have missed when cleansing, whilst toning your skin at the same time.

Once I’ve done that, then I just follow it up with some moisturizer. (Buy it here)



Do you use any of these products in your beauty regime? Do you have any others that you’d recommend?




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