For as long as I can remember, I have always loved writing.

I was the kid in school that LOVED English lessons. I was the type of person that secretly enjoyed writing assessments, especially when they let you write whatever story you wanted based on the title you were given. Over the years I had made countless storybooks and comic books (expertly crafted with about 10 staples down the side to hold it together) as I loved inventing my own narrative and also had a passion for drawing. When I left school and had the opportunity to continue doing English at college I jumped at the chance, studying both combined Literature and Language.

As well as writing and drawing, during my younger teenage days, I had also developed a love for Photography. I’m usually always the person that says “wait, wait, wait! Let me get my camera” when someone’s opening their Birthday presents too. I also love nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and editing on Photoshop. Over the years I have acquired many cameras. It all started after I had been given a simple ‘point and shoot’ Kodak for my birthday. After realising that I liked taking photos, I got another camera that was a bit more technical. I couldn’t change the lenses or anything but I could change snazzy settings like Aperture, which I’m not gonna lie as a 14-year old made me feel a tad bit professional and grown-up. Finally, before starting my A-level photography course at college, I saved up my pennies and bought a very attractive Nikon camera, tripod, lenses, the whole lot. I haven’t looked back since.

This blog is my little slice of the internet where I can use all of these skills and passions of mine to post about what I want. It’s a little mix of my own thoughts and musings, fashion, and cruelty-free beauty. I also like to throw in posts about lifestyle and any how-to or advice pieces I think would be helpful.

Have fun.


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